Kanaka Durga temple – Famous temple in Vijayawada

The temple is located on the banks of the Krishna River, the main deity at the sanctuary is Goddess Kanaka Durga, who is the goddess of benevolence and power. Situated in Vijayawada, the sanctuary is roosted on the Indrakeeladri Hill, which has much importance religiously. Devotees can visit the temple from 6 am and seek blessings of devi durga by watching Durga Aarti in Hindi. The Goddess is said to be swayambhu (self-showed on the slope. As mentioned in the legend, when Goddess Durga showed up here after killing the Demon Mahishasura, She shone with a brilliance of a thousand suns because of which every one of the gods and goddesses beings referred to her as Kanaka (Gold) Durga and have been since worshipping her every day.


 The glory of Kanaka Durga Temple is really praiseworthy. It is one of the biggest sanctuaries in India and the second biggest in Andhra Pradesh. It is unquestionably a must visit place in India. Devotees can also visit the Sri Kali Matha Ammavari Temple that is situated near the Kanaka Durga temple to recite Mahakali Aarti in Hindi and visit Lord Ganesh temple to watch Shree Ganesh Aarti in Hindi every morning and evening.

The legend associated with the Temple

As per the legend, Indrakeela, a shaakteya devotee did incredible atonement and when Goddess showed up before him he pleaded her to be present on him. At that point, Goddess Kanaka Durga solicited him to assume the form of a mountain after killing the demon Mahishaasura. On the demand of other Gods, Devi Durga killed the evil presence Durgama. In Dwaapara Vuga, Arjuna, one among the Pandavas, did extraordinary atonement on this Indrakeeladri mountain for Lord Shiva with the wish to receive the most ground-breaking Astra called Paashupataastra. To fulfill the wish of Arjuna, Lord Shiva appeared before him, granted the Astra and called him Vijayan (successful). The place came to be known as Vijayawada after Arjuna’s triumph. Arjuna felt that he could get the Astra called Paashupata just by the grace of Goddess Kanaka Durga and named her as Brahmaastreshwari. Arjuna is otherwise called Phalguna, since he did atonement here this place is additionally called as Phalgunikshetra. Vijayawada Kanaka Durga temple is extremely popular in Andhra Pradesh. The sanctuary of Maa Kanaka Durga is situated nearby by the sanctuary of Lord Venkateswara Swamy in attracting the devotees. She is considered as Shaktipeetham. Yet, there is no reference in Ashtadasa Shakti peetha stotram.


Markandeya, Aadishankaraacharya, Paandavaas, Sri Krishnadevaraya, and numerous others worshipped the god in Vijayawada. Beforehand, the idol was worshipped by Vamachara devotees who used to offer animal forfeit to her. In any case, amid the time of Shankaracharya, he changed over the sanctuary to Dakshinaehara by building up a Srichakra before her. He brought an end to the offerings of animals in the temple. Aside from Kanaka Durga, Lord Shiva is likewise venerated here as Malleeshwara. The legend says that Lord Brahma did retribution for Lord Shiva and revered him with Jasmine flowers, because of which Lord Shiva is known as Malleshwara In Kaliyuga. The number of worshippers goes up each Friday.


Recent Updates on World T20 Cricket cup

As World T20I Cricket cup is progressing towards the semi-final round, The Performance of the   Indian women cricket team has been shining and commanding ahead with excellent record-making scores. All the women players like Mithali Raj, Harmanpreet Kaur, and Smriti Mandhana have shown their strength, professional ability, commitment and efficiency in all corners of the gameAccording to the Latest India Sports News, Smriti  Mandhana has become Third Indian batswoman after Mithali Raj and Harmanpreet Kaur to reach her 1000th T20I  run during her innings  83 off 55 balls with Harmanpreet Kaur who smashed 43 off 27 balls in a 68- run partnership in seven overs against Australia. Overall, She is the 25th woman cricketer to make 1000 T20I runs. She reached the mark in her 51st match, playing her 49th innings. Mithali had reached 1000 runs in her 40th match and innings. Harmanpreet reached the same milestone in her 62nd match and 54th innings.


This became the latest Sports News update when Smiriti Mandhana smashed a career-best 83 (9 fours and 3 sixes) in her 55 ball innings, helping India to win by 167/8. Australia failed in the chase, having suffered a setback when star Player Alyssa Healy, the player of the match in their three previous wins, was injured while fielding and could not bat.

Background history about Smriti Mandhana

22 years old, Smriti Mandhana is a right arm medium fast bowler and left-hand batswoman. Her favorite cricketer is Sachin Tendulkar and her hobby is to listen to music. Her real name is Smriti  Shriniwas  Mandhan. Her family is closely involved in her cricket activity. Her father, a chemical distributor, takes care of her cricket programme, her mother is in charge of her diet, clothing and other organizational aspects, her brother still bowls to her in the nets. She made her Test debut in Aug 2014 against England at Wormsley park and her ODI debut in April 2013 against Bangladesh Women in Ahmedabad. On  25 Sept 2018, The Government of India conferred Smriti Mandana with Arjuna Award. The board of control of cricket in India named her as the Best Women’s international cricketer. She made her T20 debut in 2013 against Bangladesh women in Vadodara.


She had not been happy with her form in the Women’s World Twenty20 as she had contributed 61 runs in three innings in India” first three wins. She wanted much more than she did against toughest rival Australia. As we know that, Varinder Sehwag, Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev, Mohinder Amarnath, Ravi Shastri, Srinath, Manoj Parbaker, and some other players were responsible for this making Indian cricket famous. Their names had been written in the Golden words in the history of Indian cricket. Now, looking at the mind-boggling performance of Indian Women team makes them worthy of gaining some laurels as well. They have made new records and are topping the India Cricket NewsLet’s hope for a winning final this time, making Indian women cricket team make history.

K. CHANDRASHEKHAR RAO: Making History by His Work

Kalvakuntla Chandrasekhar Rao also named by abbreviation K.C.R. is a renowned Indian politician born on 17 February 1954. He is the first chief minister Telangana which is the new state formed by the division of Andhra Pradesh IN 2014. His works and efforts for his state are becoming one of the greatest politics news in India.


His time period as a chief minister was from 22 may 2014 to 22 may 2006.  He started his work under leader Sanjay Gandhi in Congress party that was in very poor conditions at that time and later on, he joined Telugu Dasam party led by Nt. Rama Rao. According to Trending News India and India political news, he won elections in Telangana with 11 Lok Sabha seats out of 17 seats and won with the largest vote share and was elected as first chief minister of the state.

He started many programs for the well being of his people and for enhancing their economic conditions. He started a loan waiver scheme in which he gave loans to 38 lakh farmers with the budget of Rs. 17000 crores. Not only this he provided 24 hours continuous electricity to farmers without charging a penny from them. A program was also launched by him in 2014 named as  Haritha Haram whose main aim was to grow more and more plants and make the city clean and green.

He made the highest numbers of school in Telangana in three years of his work for education and welfare of Telangana’s growing buds. 577 residential schools were opened in the state of Telangana aiming at a high quality of education for students. In June 2017, he started a program for shepherds to make the financially stronger known as Telangana sheep distribution scheme. Its decided budget was about 12,000 crores.

sanjay gandgi

None of the community was left benefited under his provision. He made schemes for milkman community and distributed cows to milk farmers at 50% subsidized rates. Around two lakh of dairy farmers were benefited under this scheme. Fisherman community was benefited as the state provided the free fish seeds of about 51 crores in number.

Double bedroom housing scheme was launched for the poor people under which 2.72 lakh people were helped. In it 2BHK flats were provided to the people with a budget of Rs. 20,000 crores. He also worked for the better health of Pregnant and lactating women and children. He launched a scheme in June 2017. The scheme was named as AMMA ODI & KCR KIT.

He also distributed sarees to the woman over 18 years of age under a scheme with a budget of Rs. 225 crores at the occasion of bathukamma festival. He also made schemes in which expenses were given to poor people for their girl’s marriage. Along with this, Aasara pension scheme was launched in 2014 in which old age widow women were given pension from 200 to 1000 rupees per month.

According to latest India news he was awarded agricultural leadership award in 2017. His glorious works make his names shine brighter.

Indian Chai Startup Chai Point expands with a humungous funding

With the introduction of new varieties of tea and their benefits for health and with the increased popularity of the ‘teafe’ – tea and cafe culture has provided new heights to all tea-based startups. It has been known as India startup news by confirming its $20 million Series C funding round which is going to be led by Paragon partners. All the leading investors – Eight Roads (Fidelity’s India PE arm), Saama capital and DSG are also going to invest in this round. The total funding is getting high by $34 million by the company till now. They are coming into influence because of the benefits of its over carbonated drinks and there are also several health benefits of consuming different kinds of tea. The popularity of “teafe” culture is also increasing as it is bringing change in tastes of people. There is no house in India where tea is not consumed. Many of healthy ingredients are being used and introduced that are added to the tea which is increasing its demand in the market. Moreover, it is providing employment to many companies as well as people like local unemployed people and even those people who are not so educated. In India, tea consumption is occupying more than 79-percent share in the non-alcoholic beverage market which is a very good amount.


Day by day, it is becoming the India breaking news because these startups are brewing the perfect chai ki piyali (cup of tea) for the chai (tea) crazy Indian market.  Every day new markets are explored with the increased demand for this beverage. Chai point was launched by Amreek Singh Bijral in 2010 in Bengaluru that now claims to serve about three lakhs cup of tea every day in stores through home delivery and in dispensaries.  Chai thela is also one of the tea startup point based out of Noida. It was found by Pankaj judge and Nitin Chaudhary in 2015. It tries to provide the experience of roadside thela (cart). They serve fully hygienic tea with roadside modernized cart at very affordable prices. The company has almost raised 1.5 crores from Delhi based VC firm. Chaayos was founded in by IITians Nitin Saluja and Raghav Verma, in November 2012.


 Its network is spread across North India. Its currently supply is of 50 cafes across Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, and Chandigarh. Being Tiger Global Management’s first investment in non-tech startups, Chaayos raised about $5 million. They invested more in technology and developed all its systems from the house. These startups are becoming part of the latest India business news by getting such a huge amount of funding of $34 million.


Due to the huge demand for tea and great business opportunities, their productivity is increasing and these brands are becoming one of the topmost markets in India by providing great employment and jobs opportunities to Indians. Due to the gained popularity and craze amongst people, it has fuelled more tea based startups in India.

The release of Mohalla Assi after Two years

Bollywood Movies play an important role in the development and growth of the country. These movies provide not only revenue to the country but also leave a great impact on the whole society. Mohalla  Assi is an Upcoming  Bollywood  Movie which is based on Dr. Kashi  Nath Singh’s Hindi novel KashiKa Assi, a satire on the commercialization of the pilgrimage city, and fake Gurus who lure the Foreign tourists. Assighat is a ghat in Varanasi [Banaras] on the bank of rivers Ganga and the film is based in a famous Mohalla by the Ghat, on the south end of Banaras.

the-release-of-mohalla -assi-after-two-years

The trending news update is that it is finally set to hit the theatre on 16 November 2016 which is presented by Cross Word Entertainment in association with wisdom tree productions, the film has an ensemble cast comprising Ravi Kishen, Saurabh, Mukesh Tewari, and Rajinder  Gupta among others. It has been mired in a two year long battle with the Central Board of film certification before being cleared with an ‘A certification in sept 2018. Delay of the release Began when the Application For certification of the Film was submitted to the Central Board of film certification in March 2016.


The Revising committee of the board refused to issue the Certification of Exhibition of the film stating that the content of the film shows the highly derogatory behavior of humans, culture and religion, including but not limited to mythology and was laden with abusive; explicit content. They were of the views that the makers were misusing the freedom of expression. It dissects the politically charged events of 1990 and 1998 – including the Ram Janambhoomi issue and the implementation of the Mandal commission. It shows the journey of a priest residing in Varanasi’s MohallaAssi who goes about his life normally till certain events force him to take on the challenge of building the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya.


It raises very burning questions about social structure, cultural, greed, religious sentiments and more importantly about human behavior. It is not the ghat along the holy river, rather it is also the people who live in that locality. People participate in daily” parliamentary discussions “on the changing society and importance of culture at the only place in Varanasi that has democracy. It tries to depict the impact that major religious-based political events had on the people of the society. India has become a land where a learned priest who follows the tenets of his religious is poor while a half-baked guru peddling nonsense is rich with money and millions of followers. It is very intelligent and contextual, since it is a satire. It is directed by Chandra Prakash Dwivedi and produced by Vinay Tiwari.

According to the latest Bollywood celebrities news, this movie has a budget of about 15-20 Crores and Sunny Deol is going to play the lead role in the movie as a Sanskrit teacher and a religious priest whereas SakshiTanwar is playing the role of his wife.

Updates on Latest and Trending News in India

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updates on latest and trending news in india

  • While mourning the demise of DD News cameraman Achyutanand Sahu in a Naxal assault in Chhattisgarh on October 30, Union minister Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore stated that Doordarshan representatives are serving the nation simply like Army jawans,
  • Five states – Kerala, Karnataka, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh are celebrating their formation day on November 1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi wishes development and well-being for all states. PM tweeted greetings and wished prosperity and wellness for the people of all these states in their respective languages. In Addition to these states, union territories of Puducherry, Lakshwadeep, Andaman, and Nicobar are also celebrating their formation day.
  • The allegations of #Meetoo revealed in the corporate part and its effect:
  1. Ishrath Nawaz – executive creative director joined Publicis in 2018 April from McCann Worldwide. After acquisition on him for sexual misconduct he has been terminated by Publicis.
  2. Dentsu Aegis Network additionally terminated its four employees after an inner inquiry on claims of sexual misconduct.
  3. Kwan Founder Anirban Das Blah was likewise blamed for sexual harassment and eventually, he was asked to step down from his responsibilities. He attempted for suicide and was saved by the Vashi Traffic police. He seemed exceptionally agitated and baffled with the way in which the past events were unfurling.

We also have Business News India


Flipkart Big festival Sale Offers Include great discounts on gadgets Asus ZenFone, Poco F1, Redmi Note 5 Pro, and much more. The third portion of Flipkart’s happy season deal is mostly similar to the previous two sales that include discounts on electronic gadgets like tablets, smartphones, laptops, audio equipment, televisions, and electronic accessories. Flipkart’s Big Diwali deal initiated on 9 pm October 31 for Flipkart Plus customers and 12 am on November 1 for all customers. The deal closes on November 5. SBI credit holders can benefit a discount of up to 10 percent on a minimum purchase of. 4,999. No-cost EMI designs are additionally accessible for simple purchasing using a credit card.

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  • Stock markets ended on Thursday with largely unchanged values. The Sensex closed at 34,431 which is 10 points less while the Nifty settled 6 points down from the previous session at 10,380. The domestic markets fluctuate between losses and gains, with the Sensex increasing as much as 0.7 percent during the current session.  Advances in metal, infrastructure, and banking, shares were offset by sharp losses in IT stocks.
  • State Bank of India (SBI) has lessened the everyday money withdrawal constrain for all Maestro and Classic Debit Cards holders from Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 20,000 from October 31, 2018. In the event that you require a higher withdrawal limit, it would be ideal if you apply for a higher card variation. SBI additionally stated that the limitation on the withdrawal amount is for the safety of the customers.


Greatness of Mahamrityunjaya Mantra

Mahamrityunjaya Mantra is one among the best Mantra’s in Indian Mythology belongs to Lord Shiva. It is otherwise called as Trayambakam Mantra.  It is a blend of three Hindi dialect words, the word Maha implies extraordinary, the word Mrityun implies death and the word Jaya implies victory, the name ultimately means victory over death.  The Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra is said to have been made by Rishi Markandeya.

The meaning of maha mrityunjaya mantra in Hindi is as per the following: We focus on our third eye which lies behind the two eyes and this enables us to feel you and by this, we feel cheerful, fulfilled and peace throughout everyday life. We know everlasting status isn’t conceivable yet some expansion can be given to our demise by your powers Lord Shiva.


The legend says that the Moon was once stuck in an unfortunate situation, reviled by King Daksha. Rishi Markandeya gave the Mahamritryunjaya Mantra to Sati, Daksha’s little girl, for the Moon. By discussing this mantra, the impact of the curse of Daksha slowed and Lord Shiva at that point took Chandra and put it upon his head. As per another legend, this Bija mantra is shared with Rishi Kahola that was given by Lord Shiva to sage Sukracharya. As mentioned in Shiva Puran and other legends, the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra has been chanted by several Rishis and Sati. The sage instructed it to Rishi Dadichi, who offered it to King Kshuva, through whom it achieved the Shiva Purana.

When a man is terrified of unnatural passing or sickness he needs to complete the Pooja by a priest and he also later completes a pooja in Lord Shiva sanctuary and recite one hundred thousand mantras to benefit the individual who has set the pooja. Additionally, if you are in deep distress or fear, you can visit any temple and attend the aarti or bhajan session. Aarti of Hindu Gods make us feel pure and refreshed

People can either recite 108 Mantra’s every day because 108 is vital that it has an extraordinary numerical computation. When 12 and 9 are multiplied the end result is 108. 12 here alludes to Zodiac Signs and 9 alludes to planets. At the point when a human chant this Mantra for 108 times every one of his planets and zodiac signs rather or making good and bad times in life comes to stable and remain quiet. Due to their changed nature, human life settles once more.

It is additionally recited while spreading Vibhuti over different parts of the body and used in Japa or Homa to get desired outcomes. While the Gayatri Mantra is intended for spiritual and purification, the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra is intended for d nurturance and rejuvenation.

Among all the mantras, aartis in Hindu religion, Maha mrityunjaya mantra, and Hanuman Ji ki aarti is said to beneficial for mental, emotional and physical health and to be a moksha mantra, which bestows longevity and immortality.