Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!! – PubG Online Tournament 2018

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!! – How to Register PubG online Tournament 2018

pubg mobile tournament india

For the first time ever in India, PubG online Tournament 2018 with a total prize money of 50 Lacs is making history with the number of people enthusiastic about the Online event. The registration starts from September 7, 2018, while the Finale will be held on 20th and 21st October 2018.
So get a team of 4 and enroll them for this opportunity which is exclusively for college going students more than 15 years of age. Happy Pubging !!!


5 Latest Business News India only on Tentaran

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Top 5 Latest Business News India Today.

1. Telecom market loses grab – Big Telecom giants or once big telecom giants in India Airtel, Idea and Vodafone are losing their market presence in a drastic manner. In a report from the Rating agency Crisil revealed the matter that since the entry of Jio Infocomm the major Telekom stakeholders in the market have almost halved their operating profits during the FY 16 and FY 18 and is also not going to be stable for the players in FY 19, the rating agency has also said that the Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) has also gone down in this period of competition and is likely to shrink 3 to 5% more in the coming years from intense competition.

2. Xiaomi leads Smartphone Market – The Chinese smartphone major Xiaomi alike it’s past performance topped the market as the leading vendor in the Indian smartphone market. The International Data Corporation research data shows the figures that Xiaomi remains no 1 in the market and Samsung second. Although other research firms such as Canalys and Counterpoint data show Samsung in the top. Xiaomi’s four smartphone models which comprise of the Redmi 5, 5A, Note 5 and Note 5 Pro are among the largest selling of all smartphones and is around 26% of overall smartphones sales in the country.


3. VIVO plans expansion in Grenno – Chinese Smartphone maker VIVO is planning the expansion of its Greater Noida based manufacturing facility in order to increase capacity. Vivo’s move to focus on Indian manufacturing unit has been appreciated by many and discloses the govt. Support to manufacturing and IT companies. Vivo also plans to invest an additional 100 Crores while already invested 200 crores in the Greater Noida plant. Rival companies such as Samsung and Xiaomi have already expanded their horizon in the Indian manufacturing business earlier.

4. RBI eyes on bad loan – The Reserve bank of India has been keeping a close account on more than 200 bad loans dating back to 2011 as part of the Banks annual inspection program. The Banks is vigilant on any such circumstances leasing to flee off of bad loan and credit defaulters in the time period. Reports suggest that the bank is been scanning major loan accounts for the while which are Videocon, Bhushan Steel, Essar Steel, ABG Shipyard, and Monnet Ispat. The RBI is looking into its repayment history provisions, debt provisions and restructuring of the loan to ensure any noncorrective step in the process, said Sources.



5. Rupee falls as Dollar strengthens – The Indian Rupee has hit a record low of 70.07 per dollar this Monday, breaking record since September 2013. The Rupee has been the worst performer among market currencies this year with a fall of 7.2% this Fiscal year. Analysts suggest that the rupee might even fall to 80/dollar if the dollar starts strengthening further. Although weaker Rupee is good for exporters and exports based Industry.


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India tour packages under 5000 :Meghalaya

Meghalaya meaning the abode of Clouds, the North east Indian state Meghalaya is a proper paradise for all of you planning an India tour packages under 5000. You heard right we have planned for you, a tour package for the state of Meghalaya which will not cross the budget beyond 5000. One of the most beautiful Indian state Meghalaya is something which worth visiting once, and we promise inspite being situated at the far end of the Indian subcontinent you cannot resist any second visit to the state.

India tour packages under 5000

The state of Meghalaya once used to be part of the North east state of Assam and shares some of its biodiversity and habitat with the state. Considerably the wettest land in India and still a popular lookout for monsoon travellers. A plenty of natural beauty and attraction those become active during monsoon. The state is mostly densed with Garo Khasi and Pnar tribes who welcome their tourist with great love and enthusiasm. Meghalaya needs a sure visit and these are the places which you can catch up in Meghalaya at just a 5000 budget.

4 places to visit in Meghalaya in India tour packages under 5000.                              mawlynnong

  1. Mawlynnong – It’s a little hard to spell in the beginning but once one travel to this little village in Meghalaya fondly told as God’s own village is the Cleanest piece of India and also Asia. This village has set an example to eco tourism standards in the country. One can find community built tourist convenience spots here and those are simply exemplary. The village is situated at such a height that many visitors come here to take an aerial view of the neighboring country of Bangladesh.            dawki
  2. Dawki – Close to Mawlynnong is a place called Dawki, Dawki is situated in the Janta hills and is a border city close to Bangladesh. Thos city is worth visiting fir it’s emerald Umngot river. We challange you that you have never seen any river like the Umngot. The crystal clear water of this river reflects the emerald colour of the ground. The river water is so clear that you may feel like boating on glass. Well if you are on the way to Dawki don’t miss the beautiful Bophill falls in your way.    mawphlang forest
  3. Mawphlang forest – This place located just an hour drive from the capital city of Shillong in the East khasi hills is place to.a sacred forest, especially for the Khasi tribe. Sacred forest are generally found in tribal places where tribes sacrifice animals and burn the dead bodies , are in search of a little scary and sacred place go to Mawphlang forest , one can even stay here in the heritage village constructed near it. The 16 km Jungle trail is a rare picturesque for anyone who has not seen any sacred village earlier.                                                                                  root bridges
  4. Root Bridges – Although we know it’s not a place exactly neither a heritage monument or a cultural junction but the root Bridges of Meghalaya are simply famous forits uniqueness in the entire country. These root bridges are found deep inside the Jungle specially in Mawlynnong and Cheerapunji, the bridges ate completely natural as they are.made of root of the rubber tress. This is a man made living bridge which grows everyday. The roots are placed in such a form that when they grow they shape as a bridge. Living root bridges look ancient and innovative at the same time. Do not miss one in Meghalaya.

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Five best places to visit in India – Pune

Pune is a large city and one of the biggest agglomeration in the state of maharastra it is a largest metropolitan after Mumbai in the state. A completely Industrial city with a hub of IT centres, Automakers  and MNC has made it a favourable destination for major talent acquisition in the Country. A favourable destination for many well educated graduates and higher professional. Many of you might have gone to this city for a chance of enjoying a well salaried job or a good profession. But here we are not to talk about an Job in Pune. We are explorer’s and for us any place needs to be explored before you rest there. Here in Pune we have a list of five best places in India and you will surely love them all.                                                                                                                                                  five best places to visit in india pune

Pune is well connected with major Indian cities and every city by way of Roland road transportation and airways are also a great option.Just carry a pair of sturdy shoes, waterproof backpack an umbrella and a plenty of food and water to support your journey and leave the rest part for us.

Five best places to Visit in India – Pune                                                                                    agra khan palace

  1. Aga Khan Palace – Pune may be a IT Hub today but it’s maleficent history dates back to the peshwa era. It was the capital of Peshwa dynasty and has seen the rule of many kings in its land. One such remarkable place to witness royalty is the Aga Khan Palace which was built back in 1892. The Palace served as a prison for the British India and had kept even Mahatma Gandhi inside it’s bars. The Palace is a combination of Italian and Indian Architecture, the place now houses an archive of India’s freedom struggle within its huge hallways and broad royal halls. You will find 1000 of rare photographs and news articles related to Indias freedom movement here. A place must.Visit in Pune.                                                                      pataleshwar
  2. Pataleshwar – A 8th century monumental and temple place. The place is a valuable destination for somebody who is seeking a pilgrimage tour in the city. The govt. declared it as a protected place. The temple was built during the Rastara kita dynasty and is dedicated to Lord Shiva, a traditional temple made of rocks inside the caves is a peculiar structure of Shiva temple with Nandi on their door and the Linga ar the centre of the temple. One should surely visit the temple to feel the positive vibe of the place. Pataleshwar is not just any temple but one of the most visited temple in west part of the country.                                                                          shaniwaar wada
  3. Shaniwaar Wada – An another fascinating place in your list the Shaniwaar Wada is a must must visit for anyone in the city, A place of historical repute the Shaniwaar Wada Palace was build by the Peshwas in the early 18th Century and signifies the strong presence of Maratha empire on the city. Also do not miss the evening light and water show inside the Palace.                                                                                        pashan lake
  4. Pashan Lake – While you must of tired of monuments dominated list of Pune we give you a relax option ar the city. A huge lake spread over a vast area. Built during the British era the lake was built as a reservoir for the citizens of Pune and neighborhood, but with time it started to flourish itself as an island space and a wild sanctuary for birds, reptiles and many species of  amphibious animals. The surreal beauty of the horizon will leave you speechless and make you fall in love with the city. A tourist and popular picnic destination, the pashan lake is a sire visit to evidence the beauty of the city of Pune.                                                                          war museum
  5. War Museum- The one of its kind museum and the last in our list but not the least is the National war Museum, a place which needs your attention for sure. Engulfed by a large green belt it is a tribute to the brave soldiers of Indian army who lost their lives fighting with bravery, the place has the capability to fill you with the emotion of patriotism and dignity. The place is a important site of the city whose residents have shown their true love and respect to bravery. One can see many rare piece of weapons and even Jet and fighter planes here. An interesting and learning experience for school students and professionals on wars.

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Kerala Tour Packages – Best food of Kerala

Kerala is a place of authentic culture and culture is not complete without food, the best authentic cuisines in India are specially from the state of Kerala, we are not playing gimmick if you are in search of food that is prepared from authentic and original ingredients and is 100% pure than this state of Kerala which is also known as India’s spice junction has got some hidden jewels for you in form of food.  Do not forget to explore some authentic Kerala food in a Kerala tour package.                                              kerala tour packages

Kerala is famous for its beaches, its cities, its backwaters , its national parks and the best of all Ayurveda packages Kerala India which is a gateway to spiritual and medical tourism in India for people staying abroad. But food what is Kerala’s authentic food do you have any idea for that. Don’t worry we will tell you the best foods of Kerala so that the next time you are in Kerala you are surely treating with your family and friends.

 Best Kerala Food in Kerala Tour Packages.                                                                                  idiyappam

  1. Iddiyappam – One of the most diverse and creative foods of Kerala, something which looks like noodles and Idli both. Idli is a south Indian dish if you know and noodles are Chinese dish. A fusion between noodles and Idli, no noy really Kerala food is 1000 years or even older than that. Iddiyappam may look like that but is actually taste 100 times better than any Chinese Noodles. It is made of Rice flour strings and steamed in a utensils of boiling water and is generally eaten with a typical Kerala Chutney made of Coconut and else with the combination of egg Curry.
  2. Malabar Biryani – Biryani in Kerala can make anyone go happy and specially if it’s Malabar Biryani. keralians love to have Biryani and is the best staple diet on many parts of Kerala after Idli and Dosa. The specialty of this Biryani known as Malabar Biryani is the apices used in it. Some local and speciall spices sourced from abroad are used for cooking this Biryani, Malabar Coast is a major junction of trade and was earlier also evident of trade for Spices. Undoubtedly the most tastiest Non vegetarian food in Kerala. You need to enjoy a plate to learn more about the Malabar Biryani.
  3. Payyasam – You might have surely heard about this special dish of Kerala and for which Keralians surely hold a copyright. Payyasam is a famous dessert dish in the state of Kerala generally served in special occasion or to guests. Made of Milk and rice and seasoned with dry fruits and cream this dessert will remain intact to your tongue buds till you leave the state of Kerala. The completely holy experience of food, it is one of the most tastiest desert on can ever experience in India. Believe us you really need to have one spoon of this authentic and holy food to fall in love with it.                                                                                                                                          dosa
  4. Dosa – It is not a speciality it is a common food anywhere in India, don’t think that. If you are in Kerala and you have left a call for a Dosa dish you are completely in the side of losing something unimaginable. Dosa and Kerala Dosa are simply different things. Mark our words you will forget how a Dosa tastes if you have a bite of Kerala Dosa and that’s for sure. Kerala Dosa is not just a piece of Rice flour pancake filled with a potato mesh. It is a special dish cooked using local ingredients and Coconut oil and is specially served with a Coconut Chutney you won’t find elsewhere. Do please taste a Dosa while you are in Kerala we promise you a wholesome new experience if Dosa.

Apart from that there are many Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian dishes found in Kerala which are already discussed in Kerala packages. Well if you don’t remember just go to our sections and find the suitable dish for your taste.

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Latest Product Reviews in India on Washing machines.

The most less talked product still the most used one is a washing machine. There are many great brands which sell washing machines in India with a whole lot of features and are always price competitive. India has emerged as a huge market for grey products and specially washing machines. But making a choice in this neck competition market is also a hard task, if you do not have any experience of buying a Washing machine earlier than this latest product review in India for washing machines can be really helpful.      latest product reviews in India

Buying a Washing machine for the first time is a not an easy task, what to buy, an automatic, semi automatic, or fully automatic is a hard choice. While you are confused which washing machines to be bought let us help you out with a list with the best features and price that can be helpful in deciding for you as per your needs. Also read our latest Mobile phone reviews.

4 Washing machines in Latest product reviews in India .                                                        lg

  1. LG – LG is a popular name in electronic goods manufacturing brand all over the world, the recent offering from the company is a Semi Automatic 8kg Washing machine with a lot of new features and ergonomic design that suits your house, the latest offering is a sturdy and light weight plastic built washing machine then can wash upto 8kgs of load in its wash bucket while the dryer has a 6kg capacity. The washing machine comes with 3 washing programs and upto 10 mins drying capacity. Price – Rs 13000/-Specifications – Weight: 38 kg, Motor – 360 watts, Warranty – 2 years Lg India Warranty Hot and Cold Wash.
  2. Haier – The Haier fully automatic washing machine (HWM 60 10) is a best buy for anyone. This washing machine is a smart purchase and value for money if you are only looking for a Washer that to automatic controlled. Apart from the stylish and remarkable looks the washing machine has a superior build quality made of fiber material and bucket of  A no noise machine which is ready to wash any cloth how dirty you make it. Specifications – 6kg load capacity, 6 wash mode with multi detect and Rotating Pulsator Technology, 380 wattage and 2.5 years Haier India warranty. Price – 11,900 online on Flipkart.,
  3. IFB 6.5 Kg (TL – RDW Aqua) fully automatic – Want something from a specialist, the IFB is all you need, the washing machine made by IFB are known for their quality and detail craftsmanship. Washing expensive clothes inside a washing machine drum is a good idea if you have an IFB washing machine. The excellent fit and finish inside and out the washing machine will make you fall in love with this machine. Apart from that the decent silver and white color and the ergonomically designed digital display and monitor button console is simply amazing. Specifications : 4 years comprehensive warranty. Load – 6.5 kg ,Wash type – Rotating Pulsator, Body -Stainless Steel bucket and fiber Body.Technology – 3D Wash, Aqua Energie wash. Wattage – 360 Watts. Price – 16,900 only on Flipkart.                                sumsang
  4. Samsung 6.2 kg Automatic washing machine( WA62M4100HY/TL) – The tough competition from the house of Samsung is a head Turner in terms of washing machine at such a price range, wash blankets to silk in a same washing machine and we promise the same quality everytime. The Samsung Automatic range of washing machine are no extraordinary but has maintained the name in the market. Samsung comprehensive service and warranty policies steal the deal from others. Specifications – Light weight at just 28 Kilograms, 6.2 Kg wash capacity, Centre Jet Pulsator Technology, -Stainless Steel body and bucket. Samsung India 2.5 years warranty. Fully automatic console and Digital display. Priced at Just Rs 13,500 on Flipkart.

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Upcoming Bollywood Movies in August 2018

Come to take a look at some of the best releases of the month. August is a month which will witness some of the best upcoming Bollywood Movies. From action, drama, romance and art all genres are present in the monsoon month and why not spend the weekend watching one.

upcoming bollywood movie

Some movies have gained immense fan following from the Bollywood Movie Trailer launch and are on high demand from now, if you are thinking which movie is made for your taste, or has your favourite actor, musician or director then just select one of the below , book a window seat and enjoy the next 2 hrs, and let us tell you all these movies mentioned here are made to be surely watched by a movie freak.  Here is a short description on which movie to watch.

Top 4 Upcoming Bollywood Movie for the month of August 2018.

1. Fanney Khan – Released on 3rd Atul Manjrekar is not just any director, one needs a real capability to work with a mature lady like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, sensational actor Anil Kapoor and the very talented Rajkumar Rao. Some might find the movie a little awkward where the director has tried a romantic play with the script to bring Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Anil Kapoor and Rajkumar Rao in the same movie side by side. The movie is a musical comedy which leaves a powerful message on breaking stereotypes in the society for fat looking and unsmart girls. Aishwarya plays the role of a renowned celebrity musician and Rajkumar is a by default kidnapper in the film who falls in a crush with the hostage.

fanney khan

2. Karwaan – Released last Friday, August 03, if you are missing long a movie made on any exciting trip or a trip full of tragedies, similar to the very famous Bombay to Goa movie then Karwaan is that movie which definitely making an enjoyment. The movie where Irrfan Khan, we know its enough for you to understand why the movie needs a watch, Irrfan and his mature comic acting have made blockbusters worldwide. Well, the movie is surely going to end with a lot of drama which is noticeable from the movie trailer. The movie is about a wrong delivery of a courier and revolves around it. Well, what is the parcel is a quite interesting story. Akarsh Khurana has worked hard to direct the movie and Karwaan sounds to be his own brainchild and just like his other hit films is also going blockbuster this week. The movie is giving a hard competition to Fanney Khan fans in terms of entertainment but seems like both have greater fan density.

3. Gold – The most talked about movie of the year, Gold is due to release this Independence day and is a patriotic period film based upon the Indian hockey team and its struggle for identity worldwide in post-independence period. The movie is lead by none another then the all-time favourite star Akshay Kumar. Akshay teams the movie very well with his expertise in entertaining and binding audience with the movie. Although the movie is surely going to be released in every screen in India but getting one ticket will not be easy. The movie has a mix of drama, action, sports, and Akshay`s satiric presence throughout the screen. Reema Kagti has worked really hard on this period film and is surely going to prove this to the audiences.


4. Satyamev Jayate – Another Patriotic film in the list by non-other than Milap Zaveri, the movie is releasing on the same day of August 15 with Gold. Sounds a tough competition and makes it hard to choose for audiences which to watch, Satyamev Jayate is a movie lead by non-other than John Abraham and fans were waiting for his next release after the success of Pokhran. While the movie is based upon the same old topic of corruption it lacks somewhere in convincing non John fans in going to watch the movie. Although John`s powerful action packed performance and the dance numbers in the film is surely going to take your adrenaline high.

While we have a lot of movie this month for you audiences based upon your taste and preference of story, genre and your favourite masculine hero, or choice upon Bollywood Celebrities News. This is upon you which you choose to watch for. Well we suggest you not to miss any of them still what matters is your choice of a movie.