Sara ali khan: Incredible Weight Loss Journey from 96 to 46 killo

You can add Sara Ali Khan’s workout regime to your Latest Weight Loss Tips as she is one who has become idle for most after losing such huge amounts of weight to get back in shape for her career in the Bollywood Entertainment Industry. Her workout and diet schedules will be the best way to lose weight if you are on your journey to get weight in control.

Sara Ali Khan has been on a spectacular journey of weight loss and here are some Latest Weight Loss Tips from Sara’s workout that can help you lose 30kgs like she did. During Sara’s debut on ‘Koffee with Karan’ with her dad, she mentioned on national television that she used to be 96kgs at one time.


She also did not fail to mention that she suffered from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) which again is a very common problem faced by a huge majority of people in India.

During one of her interviews, Sara said that while she was studying at Columbia University, she had put on all the extra weight. She also said that it took her about a year-and-half to lose that weight.

So, she completed the remaining two years of her graduation in a year so that she could return and start working early. She was always a chubby girl, but after going to the States, for the first two years, she had put on a lot of weight and then in her last year of graduation, she burned all those kilos there itself.

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When she was asked about the best way to lose weight, she only said that she opted to push out all unhealthy eating habits and controlled on her eating habits as much as she could. She also did not fail to mention that pizzas and chocolates tempted her most during her ‘strict diet to lose weight’ aim.

“In short, according to Sara Ali Khan, ‘a Disciplined Life’ is the best way to lose weight.”

You must take in all the inspiration you can from Sara Ali Khan’s Weight Loss Journey as she has proved her will to stay fit to achieve her dreams and grow her career.

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